Dover Castle

Rising above the famous White Cliffs, Dover Castle is an icon of England. Built soon after 1066, this mighty fortress has been the site of royal intrigue and epic sieges and was the centre of the crucial effort to evacuate hundreds of thousands of Allied troops from the beach of Dunkirk.

Roam around the Great Tower with its recreated medieval interior and uncover the colourful world of Henry II. Climb to the very top and enjoy amazing panoramic views.

Follow the dramatic story of a wounded pilot fighting for his life in the underground Second World War hospital. And don’t miss the chance to relive the tension and triumph of the Dunkirk evacuation, which was masterminded from these very tunnels during the dark days of May 1940.

New for 2024, the story of the castle under siege has been brought to life with immersive interactive displays, reopened medieval tunnels and an imaginative new play area. A new viewing area offers panoramic castle views from the northern Spur, and there’s also the chance to learn about the life of a soldier at the castle during the Napoleonic Wars!

There’s so much to see and do at Dover Castle.
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