Goodnestone Park Gardens

Goodnestone Park Gardens are peaceful and romantic, and were known to Jane Austen whose brother married into the family.
Goodnestone Park is a vast, privately-owned estate located in the heart of the stunning Kent countryside, just an hour’s journey from London. The large, grand house was first built in 1704 and is steeped in a rich history, including frequent visits from the famous novelist Jane Austen. Our magnificent grounds have undergone many impressive changes making Goodnestone Park among the top choice of gardens to visit in Kent.

The grand house is ideal as a luxury wedding location or for corporate events. Perfect for all sorts of occasions. While Bonnington Cottage is a picturesque and quintessentially English beamed cottage that was recently converted into a rental property.

Goodnestone Park Gardens covers roughly fifteen acres of the Estate and includes a large variety of trees, plants and shrubs. All of the areas are open to visitors who will be able to appreciate the seasonal colours and scents, and many of the plants are available to buy in the Nursery.

Behind Goodnestone Park is a team of hard-working and knowledgeable individuals. Each of them bring their own particular set of experiences and help to make Goodnestone what it is today.

The Goodnestone Park estate comprises approximately 2,000 acres of land in the heart of rural Kent. Primarily made up of arable land, woodland and parkland pasture, the estate takes a holistic approach to manage the land.