Natureland – Seal Sanctuary

Skegness seafront, has become known worldwide for its rescue of orphaned baby seal pups that become stranded on beaches around The Wash, and has been successful in returning nearly 1000 of these beautiful creatures back to their natural environment. When they first arrive, the pups need very careful nursing and treatment, which is carried out in The Seal Hospital by Natureland’s dedicated team.

Natureland is not just a seal sanctuary, and has a fascinating collection of animals including seals, penguins, meerkats, tropical butterflies (April to October), tropical birds, an aquarium, a reptile house, and a pets corner!

Feeding time is a great favourite for children and adults alike. An informative talk is given about seals and the seal rescue work that Natureland does, whilst the animals are being fed and show off their cheeky antics.

A big favourite for children is the Pets Corner, where goats, sheep, alpacas, and chickens can all be hand fed with pet food, purchased from The Gift Shop.
A beautiful selection of marine and fresh water exhibits make The Aquarium a fascinating and educational experience not to be missed. On top of this, snakes, scorpions, crocodiles, and tarantulas, plus many other reptiles, amphibians, and insects can be seen in Natureland’s Reptile House (for those who are brave enough to venture inside!).
Natureland’s meerkats are always keen to show off to visitors, entertaining guests with their antics, whether it’s digging in their enclosure or foraging for food!
In The Floral Palace, you can walk through a plant lover’s paradise with tropical butterflies flying freely through the luscious vegetation around you (April to October). Another section of The Floral Palace houses beautiful free flight tropical birds, and the third section displays a gorgeous array of cacti and other stunning plant-life.
Natureland is a very popular venue for organised party visits from schools, Brownies, Guides, and other groups. Every effort is made to mix entertainment with education by opening the minds of young visitors to new ideas on nature, by information given at feeding times and the comprehensive signs found on every exhibit throughout the attraction.
Once visitors have seen the great selection of animals on display, Natureland has an onsite café, The Blue Lagoon, for any visitors needing a meal or drink, and a gift shop where they can browse through a great selection of beautiful souvenirs.
Natureland takes pride in its commitment to the care of animals, and welcomes the opportunity to share this knowledge with all visitors.