Norwich Map

“From the oak-clad bars of city pubs, down cobbled streets to busy coffee houses, from market stalls to Medieval church spires, Norwich could tell you a thousand tales.”

Norwich is a Medieval city with hundreds of historic buildings located within a compact street pattern, making it easy to navigate on foot, and suitable for visitors of all ages.

Most of the major attractions are within the ancient city walls, where you’ll also find many restaurants, cafés and shops. In the city centre you’ll find attractions almost spanning a millennium: Norwich’s Romanesque Cathedral stands proudly in one of the oldest areas of the city, and is closely neighboured by Norwich Castle – a Norman palace that became a city prison, before transforming into a prestigious museum and art gallery, which it is today. Towards the other side of the city is the soaring glass structure of The Forum building which was opened in 2000, which sits on Millennium Plain beside a Medieval Guildhall, and the monumental presence of Norwich’s Art Deco City Hall.

Norwich thrives around its fantastic 6-day-a-week permanent open-air market (the largest in the country) which has recently undergone a bit of a renaissance in terms of the spectacular selection of food on offer. Surrounding the market is plenty for the visitor: the award winning Norwich lanes is home to over 300 independent businesses – shops, cafes, and more than a few bars; small independent galleries; museums and historic buildings, as well as picturesque medieval streets to wander at your leisure. Beyond the city, you don’t have to travel far to reach the tranquil Broads National Park, or the iconic Norfolk coastline.

For any new visitor, a 90 minute walking tour (£5) or a CitySightseeing open-top bus tour gets you around the city, acquainting them with all the must-see sights. Those who visit Norwich are quick to return – it’s a great city to shop and eat in, and is a city to enjoy something you can’t get at home.

This map features a handy overview of the city, with suggestions of all the top attractions. The map itself features places to shop and visit, as well locations for coach stops, public toilets and car parks.