Stratford upon Avon Butterfly Farm

The UK’s largest tropical butterfly paradise.

Over 30 years ago Clive Farrell had a dream to create an attraction that would introduce visitors to the wonderment of butterflies. This dream became a reality in July 1985 when Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm opened its gates to the public.

The Stratford Butterfly Farm has been welcoming visitors to its tropical butterfly paradise for over three decades. The idea and setting up of the Butterfly Farm was the passion and dream of internationally renowned lepidopterist, Clive Farrell. The farm was officially opened on 24th July 1985 by botanist and naturalist, David Bellamy OBE.

Clive’s fascination with butterflies and nature began when he was five years old after finding a hairy caterpillar in his garden. He put it in a matchbox where it spun a cocoon and he watched it emerge as a beautiful Tiger Moth. It was a magical moment that has stayed with him. It is Clive’s hope that a visit to the Butterfly Farm will create such memorable moments for other generations to experience and be inspired by.

At the beginning of 2022 work started on an exciting ‘cenote’ project. The project became Rainforest Realm and features creatures from Central America. Rainforest Realm opened 31 March 2023 with a stunning Spectacled Caiman on display within the cenote. There are plenty more exciting ideas and plans in place for the next few years and we can’t wait to share them with you!