WWT Arundel Wetland Centre

Some highlights are the Dalmatian pelicans at Pelican Cove, the sea ducks in the Coastal Creek aviary and the black-necked grebes in the Waterfalls Pen. See daily warden talks listed in the centre.

On the wild side from the hides there’s also something to see in every season. In spring its ducklings, gosling and young families with breeding kingfishers and sand martins onsite. Summer is heavy on wildflowers, dragonflies and butterflies and second broods of some birds and ducks. Autumn has returning snipe, water rail and marsh harriers roosting in the reedbeds with finches and thrush in the hedgerows. Winter has these wintering birds plus lapwing flocks, cormorants, herons and kingfishers.

The Sand martin hide has nesting banks for a martin colony in its wall while the Discovery hide overlook the kingfisher nesting bank.

• All aboard the Wetland Discovery Boat Safari! Glide with a wildlife guide on the water through reedbeds and water meadows – what will you spot? The boat safari runs year around, book at the admission desk for £3 pp

• See the sea-ducks dive for their dinner in their glass-sided tank at the Diving Duck Fish Feed in the Coastal Creek Aviary! Scoters, harlequins and spectacled eiders enjoy their lunch at 12 pm (noon) each day accompanied by a Keepers talk

• Pop into Pelican Cove and meet Dalmatian Pelicans Rogue and Storm at the daily Keepers talk at 2 pm It’s also feeding time – will the pelicans catch their fishy snacks?

• The Reedbed Boardwalk winds through towering reeds with lots of benches for pauses to soak in the sights and sounds of this peaceful place – plus you can duck into the reed chamber if you get caught in a rain shower.

• Surround yourself with wetland nature at the Reedbed Willow Sphere. Enter this artwork and surround yourself with wildlife! Woven from willow, this work has hidden harriers, lapwing, sand martins, herons and dragonflies. Can you find them all?

• Explore the Wildlife Garden. Find the secret glen of log stump seats around a wooden throne called Peter’s chair. Children love this secret space – great for picnic lunches, hunting for insects or closing your eyes to listen for bird song.

• Go wild in our Pond Skater play area – young visitors can explore bird boxes, wobbly lily pads and seesaws via a pathway of balance beams, rope walks and a curved walkway with a scramble net.

• Explore the Discovery hide. Built for families, this wildlife hide on the water on the Arun Riverlife lagoon is a perfect place to spot wild birds. Look out for the kingfishes at the nesting bank next door!

• Join the family pond dipping sessions on weekends and school holidays, April – October at the accessible Raised Pond.

The centre is open 364 days a year and only closes on Christmas Day. The Water’s Edge Cafe serves a selection of hot meals, snacks, cakes and drinks for you to enjoy and fuel your wetland adventure.

The WWT gift shop stocks sustainable, unique gifts, books and bird care.