A few points to note when ordering

27th April 2012

When is the best time to order?

The SelectOne service operates year round. 

These are the ideal times to order, when you will have the biggest and best selection of new brochure titles:

  • In time for Easter order – March
  • In time for summer order – July

You can order as many or as few as you like….

When you make your order you either tick the space next to the preset quantity or fill in exactly what you would like in the square box.  If you only want one that’s fine!
And take care not to delete your previous order……
  • You should choose exactly the quantities for each title that you want and then press submit
  • When you come to order again, whether it is the next day or a month later, if there are still some of the quantities you input showing in the form then please don’t change or delete them if you still want that quantity of that leaflet or brochure.  The reason that the quantity is still showing is because the title is out of stock – either because we have run out or because the title has yet to arrive at our warehouse. Our system will work with the last quantity submitted
  • So as an example, if you ordered 10 titles last week and one of them is not in stock we will deliver the other nine titles and place the tenth in our pending queue.  It will stay there until the stock arrives.  And it will continue to show until it arrives and is dispatched.

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