Leaflets as important as digital

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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…… to QR codes, videos and apps – the truth is they are all emerging channels us marketeers need to master to create a positive buzz about our business, but Take One’s new research proves that a multi-media approach, including leaflets is still the most effective for creating more visitors.

BDRC Continental surveyed 1,000 attraction visiting adults. Leaflets play an integral role in making the decision to visit an attraction: one in four claim to have seen a leaflet, one in five say it influenced their visit decision, but you need a mixed approach with web, guidebooks, PR and social media.

Leaflets are the most influential media at the initial decision-making stage in driving the attraction decision than any other format, with a greater impact for those staying away from home, that is ‘which attractions shall I visit?’ Leaflets importance reduces at the detailed planning stage – people opting more for attractions own website and searching on google.

When asked about how leaflets are used, two-thirds of the population feel that they ‘find leaflets useful when deciding where to visit’ and almost half keep a collection at home for future reference (most common among families and the 20-34 age group). This group would like more information on the experience of the attraction, not the practical information.

Overall leaflets and TIC’s peform better than any other media in having the greatest impact on visiting an attraction, meaning that personal service and an eye-catching leaflet design must generate the highest number of conversions to an attraction.

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